Detailed Team Bio

Andrew Garrett | Managing Trustee/Chairman; OenoViva Capital Resources/OenoViva Global/OenoViva Artisans, The Australian People Future Fund & Island Bio Energy Australia Trust also Managing Controller of OenoViva (China) Pty Ltd & OenoViva (North America Pty Ltd as Joint Trustees of OenoViva Capital Resources/OenoViva Global/OenoViva Artisans.

The Garrett family is synonymous with winemaking in Australia. Andrew Garrett has been involved in the Australian wine industry for more than 25 years as a winemaker, vigneron, innovator, entrepreneur, marketer and personality. In that time he and related entities have developed over 1,500 hectares of vineyard plantings in Australia’s premium wine regions.

Andrew entered the wine industry as a cellar hand in 1974. In 1984 Andrew created his own company and launched his first wine under the Andrew Garrett label. Over the next 10 years he established vineyards in Australia and New Zealand and developed new ventures, including the McLarens On The Lake wine resort, hotel and conference centre, as well as the McLarens On The Lake brand.

Wine sales quickly grew to more than 300,000 cases annually and export sales established Garrett as a winemaker and marketer with an international reputation. In 1993, after the acquisition of the Andrew Garrett company and brand by Fosters Wine Estates, Andrew formed a new company, Andrew Garrett Vineyard Estates, which developed more than 10 brands including Martindale Hall, Kelly’s Promise, Yarra Glen, Springwood Park, Ironwood and Holy Grail subsequently developing OenoViva Business Systems, OenoViva Hand Crafting, OenoViva Capital Resources and the Australian People Future Fund as Managing Trustee/Chairman.

Robert Nowak | Managing Director/Secretary Antipodean Industries Pty Ltd; Joint Trustee OenoViva Capital Resources/OenoViva Global & The Australian People Future Fund; Principal Advisor; Security & IT

Qualified with a Bachelor of Business, Diploma of Information Technology, Diploma of Security Management amongst other qualifications Robert holds Security Licence; 632-416-20S he was the founding shareholder and Managing Director of 43 OenoViva Australian Master Regional Licensees which were successfully sold to the Purchaser/Global Licensee on the 30th April 2013. He continues in his role as Managing Director of Antipodean Industries Pty Ltd as the Australian Corporate Trustee of OenoViva Capital Resources and the Australian People Future Fund as well as being responsible for Security & IT services.

John Thomson | Principle Advisor for Sciences, Director Antipodean Industries Pty Ltd; Joint Trustee OenoViva Capital Resources/OenoViva Global, The Australian People Future Fund & Island Bio Energy Australia Trust, Director The Kimberley Prawn Company Pty Ltd trading as Pearl Coast Prawns & Cape Bruny Oysters

An Agricultural Scientist who has worked on heavy metal research for the Tasmanian government, then on near-shore productivity, then scallop culture, fisheries consulting, oyster farming, prawn farming, sheep farming and cattle grazing. Worked in Aberdeen, Scotland, Victoria, Japan, Tasmania and WA.

Scott Mitchell | Managing Director Australian Wine Supply Limited as Joint Trustee of ; Joint Trustee OenoViva Capital Resources/OenoViva Global, The Australian People Future Fund & Island Bio Energy Australia Trust domiciled in Hong Kong

Robert Douglas | Managing Director/Secretary, Pellet Fires Tasmania Pty Ltd; Joint Trustee OenoViva Capital Resources & Island Bio Energy Australia Trust

Robert Douglas is the founding Director of PFTAS Pty Ltd, a bioenergy heating appliance specialist business. PFTAS is a private company established in 2001 and trades in the retail market as Pellet Fires Tasmania.

Robert has extensive Management experience in Sales, Customer Service and Manufacturing, he has worked in a range of different industries including – defence, computing and communications.

Robert has held the following Senior Management positions:

Managing Director (PFTAS Pty)

National Sales and Operations Manager (Let’s Talk Communications)

National Operations Manager (East Coast Television)

Information Technology Manager (Calvary Hospital)

Banking Business Systems Manager (Sequoia Systems)

While Robert has formal qualifications in mechanical engineering and electronics, most of his knowledge base was developed by experience with leading edge technologies and projects. Many of Robert successful projects were the first of a kind and include; Microwave TV, National Call Centers, Hospital IT systems and fault tolerant computing for financial institutions.

Roberts’s current project is Island Bio Energy and Pellet Fires Tasmania to be rolled out on a National Basis as alternate energy sources from Forestry Waste and Plantation Hardwood to reduce home electricity consumption as well as a Waste fired 80 mw Power Station to be developed at Bridgewater in Tasmania to generate greater base load requirements for the State.

Peter Tran | Director OenoViva (Vietnam) Pty Ltd; Joint Trustee OenoViva Capital Resources/OenoViva Global

Mr. Peter Tran is a business investment and development consultant of over 20 years of service to international clients in Viet Nam. A US national first came back to Viet Nam in 1997 and resided in Hanoi and Hochiminh City and consulted on a variety of projects from trading to project financing and property development. Currently Mr. Tran is the CEO of Uptown Properties Limited Company and responsible for land acquisition and all local regulatory requirements and government relations for mix-used complexes, five-star hotel and resort projects throughout Vietnam. Peter has been the sole shareholder Managing Director of OenoViva (Vietnam) since 2014.

Murray Hunter | Principle Advisor; Design/ Consumer and Business Interfaces

Murray has a Master’s Degree in Industrial Design from the Royal College of Art in the UK and over 40 years of international industry experience as a consultant Industrial Designer.

Murray is the Founder and Chief of Design + Industry (D+I), a product design and engineering consultancy with offices in Sydney and Melbourne.

D+I was founded in 1987 and is now the largest design and engineering consultancy in Australia, specializing in the development of high technology business, medical and consumer products. D+I is renowned for design and engineering technically sophisticated and highly complex products with extensive experience in electro-mechanical devices and design for manufacture.

D+I has a highly skilled international team consisting of over 50 designers and engineers and has built significant international recognition by developing long-term relationships with world leading organisations in Australia, USA and Europe.

Murray and the D+I team have been internationally recognised for achieving design and engineering excellence by winning over 170 industry awards worldwide, making D+I the most accomplished industrial design consultancy in Australia.

Design + industry have been engaged to design the OenoTecas for OenoViva.

Stan Sarris | Director Gourmet Traveler Wine Magazine; Principle Adviser Food & Beverage Business Development

With a strong background in both food and film, Stan Sarris has been credited with revolutionising food and lifestyle experiences in Australia. In the early 90’s after a decade producing commercials and film clips, he decided to bring a sense of theatre to the food scene in Sydney. He was a partner in the iconic bar and night-club Rogues and went on to expand the business to open Streeton’s restaurant.

In 1991 he introduced Espresso coffee to Sydney’s CBD through his Paradiso cafes, the forerunners of the city’s cafe scene today. These were followed, in 1995, with Vetro a CBD café/wine bar with a strong focus on wine. His interest in the wine scene continued with the opening of Wine Banc in 1996 where innovative food and an extensive drinks list were complemented by live music late into the night.

In 1996 he secured one of Sydney’s most sought-after sites at 53 Martin Place, where he opened internationally-awarded restaurant Banc. At the same time he produced Banc book, which won the silver International Association of Culinary Professionals cookbook award in the US. In 1998, he conceptualised and opened the GPO food and restaurant emporium at 1 Martin Place. While running Banc and GPO, he was invited by British Airways to join their international culinary council and was responsible for Banc-branded dishes for first and business class passengers travelling out of Sydney and Melbourne to Bangkok and Singapore. After improving food and service on these sectors he was commissioned to run a Master class, British Airways’ London-based program where his team delivered training and implemented a program to more than 3000 pursers and flight crew members over a two year period. In 2008, he went on to engineer Etihad’s first and business class menus worldwide.

In 2000, as a testimony to Sarris’ professionalism in the food industry, he was the youngest ever individual to be appointed a councillor of the Royal Agricultural Society of New South Wales at which he was a member of the Wine, Fine Foods and Dairy Produce committees.

In more recent years Sarris’ involvement in the food and wine industry has progressed in a logical and deliberate way. As principal of Loop Creative, a boutique interior design studio he has been commissioned to consult on, create and implement design concepts for restaurants, bars and food retail for a varied range of local and international clients.

Chris McCarthy | Managing Director, The Marketing Mix; Principal Advisor; Graphic Design Digital Communications & Marketing

Brook Picken | Non Executive Board Director and Board Adviser

Non Executive Board Director and Board Adviser as well as a Bestselling author, (including co-authoring in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s book Think Big). One of the few people in the world who has achieved personal sales more than a Billion Dollars (USD). Established one of Australia’s leading off-road hire business that has operated successfully for over 18 years. Instigated and laid the marketing foundation that took XXXX Gold to the number one Beer in Australia!

He has helped business instigate change and achieve double digit growth. One of the things Brook brings to the table is cashflow economics, which has allowed business to see and take charge of their business and find profits were none were envisaged yet gained and double digit at that. Currently helps and advises several companies from the boardroom to coal face. As a licencee with Finlease, Brook brings innovative banking and financial solutions to SMEss and big business alike.

Proven business development skills, arranging sponsorship, direct marketing, e-marketing, promotions and website management, as well as implementing both business and continuous improvement plans, pricing strategies, budgeting and sales as well as sales coach and mentor to the Board Room, Executive teams and sales teams.

Frank Johnson| Principal Advisor; Investment Banking and Trading

Frank Johnson brings 25+ years of financial and operational management experience to the Board in the disciplines of mechanical and electrical engineering; manufacturing, transport and mining; software engineering for high end applications in the industrial (e.g. integrated process control systems) and financial (e.g. mathematical modelling & statistical support) trading sectors; technology research; and corporate strategic advisory services. He was the publisher of the first military level information security software for financial institutions and the author of OptionScape (strategy and risk analysis system for exchange traded options). Mr Johnson is the founder of the OptionScape Group of Companies and the Wingstar Group which includes Revenue-Share Capital.

Mr Johnson is a former Board member of the Australian Hungarian Chamber of Commerce, a member of the American Hungarian Executive Circle, an inaugural member of the Options Alliance (Chicago), and an accredited member of the Australian Computer Society.

Priyanka Ghosh | Human Resources Manager OenoViva Capital Resources

Over 14 years international experience supporting senior management and multiple activities in prestigious companies implementing and delivering executive support and solutions for Optilan, UOW, Schneider Electric Group and American Express Bank. Priyanka is a proactive, reliable, self driven, hardworking and friendly individual, who enjoys challenges; her ability to proactively organise and plan tasks to a high standard complimented by strong interpersonal and communications skills has enabled her to add real value throughout my career. Priyanka’s expertise lies within Office Management, Executive Support, Personal Assistant, Team Secretarial, Human Resources Management, Project Coordination & Management.