Expanded Timeline


The Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 (Cth) came into force by Royal assent on the 1st January 1901 which set out at s61 the liability of Regina in respect to operation of Rule of Law and Separation of Powers that were later also the subject of Australian Treaty Series 5, 23 & 39, the Charters of the Commonwealth of Nations and United Nations and otherwise;

 “The executive power of the Commonwealth is vested in the Queen and is exercisable by the Governor-General as the Queen’s representative, and extends to the execution and maintenance of this Constitution, and of the laws of the Commonwealth.”

The separation of legislative and executive from judicial powers in Australia is sharp. In a leading decision, the Boilermakers’ Case, which affirmed that separation in Attorney-General for the Commonwealth v The Queen; Ex parte Boilermakers’ Society of Australia (1957) 95 CLR 529, 540, the Privy Council said that:

In a federal system the absolute independence of the judiciary is the bulwark of the constitution against encroachment whether by the legislature or by the executive”.

 The High Court said in Wilson v Minister for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs (1996) 189 CLR 1, 10-11.:

 “The Constitution reflects the broad principle that, subject to the Westminster system of responsible government, the powers in each category – whose character is determined according to traditional British conceptions – are vested in and are to be exercised by separate organs of government.

The functions of government are not separated because the powers of one branch could not be exercised effectively by the repository of the powers of another branch. To the contrary, the separation of functions is designed to provide checks and balances on the exercise of power by the respective organs of government in which the powers are reposed.” (footnotes omitted)

 Breach of contract, the constitution of the Wine Company Pty Ltd and provisions of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) by Suntory Australia Ltd on and prior to the 19th January 1994.

 26th July 2000 Deed of Settlement (“DOS”) of South Australian Supreme Court proceedings executed between the Garrett Family Trust (“GFT”), Andrew Morton Garrett (“AMG”) and Treasury Wine Estates Vintners Limited (previously Mildara Blass Limited/Berringer Blass Limited/Fosters Wine Estates) at a time when the Board of Directors of Foster’s Brewing Group Limited was the controlling mind incorporating a broad guarantee and indemnity at cl 17.3 of the DOS.

19th January 2002 Letter of Offer of First Contract of Finance Accepted from National Australia Bank Limited (“NAB”) as a Banking Licensee of Regina.

 Between 1935 and 20th June 2002 the South Australian Registrar of Deeds was negligent in maintaining a Registry of Deeds pursuant to the provisions of the Registration of Deeds Act 1935 (SA).

 Neglect of duty by registrar

If the registrar wilfully neglects his duty in the execution of his office according to the provisions of this Act or wilfully commits or suffers to be committed any undue or fraudulent practice in the execution of his office, he shall pay treble damages with full costs of suit to every person injured thereby, to be recovered by action of debt in the Supreme Court.

 Subsequently the Duplicate Certificates of Title of the Property known as Springwood Park were released by the Registrar General to the possession and control of NAB in circumstances of Fraud of Regina and the NAB.

19th December 2002 AGFT stepped into the shoes of the Registered First Mortgagee of Springwood Park, NM Rothschild Australia Limited, by subrogation.

Submit Tax Return for OenoViva Capital Resources (“OCR”) for the period YEJ 2016 to the Australian Taxation Office on the 11th August 2016.

Commence assembling Team for OenoViva Capital Resources.

30th December 2016 Antipodean Industries Pty Ltd incorporated.

12th January 2017 Australian Wine Supply (Hong Kong) appointed as Joint Trustee of OVCR represented by sole Director and Secretary, Scott Mitchell

April 2017 John Thomson and Robert Nowak appointed Directors of Antipodean Industries Pty Ltd.

30th April 2017 the Deed of Trust of the Australian People Future Fund (“APFF”) was settled.

Concurrent resolution of the Board of Trustees of OCR to donate 33% of Balance Sheet Value and associated Rights to the Trustees of APFF to hold for the benefit of the Peoples of the Commonwealth of Australia.

Secured UNCITRAL International Bill of Exchange Serial Number; 61.00064/17, Personal Property Security Register Registration Number (“PPSRRN”); 201705070000609 & Appostille Number (“AN”); HFAF-AF-1334 drawn on 10th May 2017 by OCR with Maturity Date 9th May 2022 in favour of APFF. (the “APFF IBOE”)

12th May 2017 the APFF IBOE was deposited with the Reserve Bank of Australia (“RBA”).

23rd May 2017 the APFF IBOE was endorsed by the RBA with Allonge.

Antipodean Industries Pty Ltd appointed as Joint Trustee of OVCR on 31st May 2017

Submit Tax Return for OCR for the period YEJ 2017 to the Australian Taxation Office on the 15th December 2017 with Special Purpose Accounts.

Submit Tax Return for APFF for the period YEJ 2017 to the Australian Taxation Office on the 15th December 2017 with Special Purpose Accounts.

Personal Property Security Register Registration Number; 201805140023684 registered in respect to the APFF IBOE on the 14th May 2018.

Brook Picken appointed as International Director of Finance Sales.

Submit Tax Return for OCR for the period YEJ 2018 to the Australian Taxation Office on the 16th July 2018 with Special Purpose Accounts.

Submit Tax Return for APFF for the period YEJ 2018 to the Australian Taxation Office on the 17th July 2018 with Special Purpose Accounts.

29th August 2018 application for International Security Identification Number (“ISIN”) made to the Australian Stock Exchange as the exclusive National Numbering Agency for ISO 2000 compliance subsequently Class of Financial Instrument Identification (“CFI”) and Financial Instrument Short Name (“FISN”) also applied for.

Application dated 21st October 2018 for Common Law Prerogative Writ of Quo Warranto filed and served in NSD 1848 of 2018; Rubis & Ors v Garrett & Or v Regina & Ors to review conduct of agents/employees/officers/delegates/ servants/contractors/licensees of Regina annexes to Notice of Constitutional Matters

Secured UNCITRAL International Bill of Exchange  ISIN:  AU0000023194/  CFI:  DCZSFB/  FISN:  OENOVIVA/BEX 20221001 GTD FM BR IBOE/ SN; 61.00075.18 PPSRRN; 201808290011555 with Face Value USD$5,000,000,000 drawn 29.08.2018; Appostille with AN; HFAF-IZ—1567 affixed on the 30th November 2018 by Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.